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In my recent blog highlighting the positive effects that floating has had on my sleep, I mentioned that after a one hour session in the pod my sleep has never been better… and I wasn’t lying! However I’m pleased to say that the unthinkable has happened, yet again… I’m sleeping even better now than ever! And it’s thanks to combining my new healthy addiction for floating and a company called Motion Nutrition. 

Motion Nutrition are a company specialising is a whole host of products ranging from pre-workout supplements, to organic whey protein, to nootropics. What are nootropics I hear you ask… fear not… all you have to know is they are (my description, not theirs..) little, tablet formed, brain health, magic potion, life changing, sensational bundles of wonder! I joke not. 

As mentioned previously I could never sleep, and was recommended Motion Nutritions ‘Unlpug’ tablets to ‘ease your mind’, and boy do they work. Within 30 minutes of taking my two evening capsules I find myself drifting off into a deep unbroken sleep. RESULT!

These capsules (their description this time..) aid stress relief, promote restful sleep and aid brain longevity. They combine ancient herbal extracts with deeply restorative minerals, whilst blending powerful adaptogens Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and Bacopa Monnieri. Some of you will know what these are, some won’t but don’t worry, just know this- they work a treat. 

Using the most easily digested sources of Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine and L-Theanine these wonders are easy to take, vegan, healthy and free off all the rubbish that comes in other products ‘promising’ to do the same. 

You may think I’m on commission to sell these… I am not. I’m instead just someone who now swears by them! And the best part is, these ‘Unlpug’ tablets have a partner in crime for you to take in the morning… the ‘Power Up’ capsules. 

Two ‘Power Up’ tablets in the morning, accompanied by a bowl of porridge and I’m off! Forget your full English and cup of rocket fuel coffee which will send you soaring into the clouds before crashing you back down to earth 30 mins later… what you need is a constant releasing fuel to get you starting your day the right way!

A combination of proven vitamins, minerals and natural extracts, harnessing the power of Gotu Kola, Panax Ginseng and Organic Lion’s Mane not only gives you a boost physically but mentally too. These little beauties contain the same adaptogens as the ‘Unplug’ capsules, but when combined with the remaining ingredients, you’re given a very different outcome… trust me!

So, my tip for the day.. no week.. no month.. no year- get both ‘Unplug’ and ‘Power Up’ capsules, take them daily and float once a fortnight! You’ll see genuinely life changing results to your sleep patterns that will hugely benefit your day to day life when awake! You’re welcome!

Oh and If you don’t believe me… I dare you to try prove me wrong 😉

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