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Okay, so you’ve done your first float, or perhaps first couple of floats. Congratulations, the hardest part is behind you! You’re past the initial awkwardness of being weightless and naked in the dark for an hour, and maybe you’ve even managed to make it through a full session without splashing salt water in your eyes. It might be at this point where you begin seeking new ways to enhance and get more out of your floats. A really good place to start, would be experimenting with floating at different times of the day! You may not think it initially, but changing up when you float, can have a pretty significant impact on what you’re able to achieve with your new found float practice.  In this post we’ll break down some of the different points throughout the day that you might try floating to yield some new results. 


For those that tend to be morning people, you might find that floating first thing in the morning is a great way to channel all of your early bird energy into preparing for the rest of your day and setting things off on a strong foot. Visualising your day and setting intentions on how you want to go about performing certain tasks can be amplified greatly within the space of the float pod. This can also be an ideal time to float if pain management. We encourage you to substitute that double-shot of espresso for a salty shot of magnesium that will leave you feeling refreshed, and ready to conquer the rest of your day! 


Next up, we have the coveted mid-day float. This time certainly tends to be the hardest in terms of fitting it into your schedule, especially if you have a conventional 9-5 type work schedule. However, if you are able to get in for a float on your break, you might find it to be the perfect way to gain some renewed perspective on your day, particularly if you’ve been having a challenging day on the job, or are working on a rather trying project. Sometimes when we find ourselves stuck in mental ruts, we benefit greatly by being able to step away for a bit and return with a fresh mindset and a new approach to completing tasks. Not to mention, in the float tank we’re able to switch off the busier, analytical parts of our brain and engage more deeply with our subconscious. There’s a reason that when we’re faced with big decisions people tell us to “sleep on it”. Obviously if we’re asleep, we won’t be in a constant state of mulling over our obstacles, painstakingly trying to come up with answers. It’s those moments where we least expect to find that solution, moments where we block everything out of the forefront of our attention, often times our subconscious spits out exactly what we’re looking for! Breaking up your day with an hour in the pod may be a great way to nail down your approach for that crucial presentation, or finalising your plan on seal the big deal with that VIP client. 


For those that are seeking to improve their pain relief, find an optimise their sleep, and generally looking to unplug, the evening or late night float is probably going to work best for you. Shed the stress of the long day by tuning out before your day draws to a close and you’ll be setting yourself up to feel recharged for the following day. The added magnesium will do wonders in helping you find a better nights rest if you’re someone who has trouble switching off at the end of the day. One thing that we can definitely attest to, is that after a good float, you’ll be far less likely to want to jump back onto your smartphone. Post-float, your body will be completely relaxed and as a result, hopefully your mind as well. Instead of adding more sleep-zapping blue light, you’ll have already initiated your natural end of day mode and be far more likely to float off to sleep. If you’ve tried floating at other times of the day and you find it hard to shake the post-float bliss and get going again, late night floats might be preferable. 


Last but certainly not least, are the spontaneous floats! I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve not anticipated getting into the pod, either because I felt it wasn’t the right time, or I was offered a session on the spot, but more often than not, these tend to be the best floats that I have. I think it’s true for most people that we tend to be unaware of how bad we need to switch off and relax until we’ve actually taken the time to do so. If you’re going through your day thinking, “man, nothing is just going right today! I just wanna crawl into a ball on the sofa and have a red wine and Netflix kind of night”, trying hopping into the float pod instead. You might be surprised to find that the best floats come at a point where floating sounds like the last thing you would want to be doing. If this sounds like you, take our word for it! 


Of course having said all this, it’s important to remain mindful that some days are different than others, as well as all of this depending on your work schedule, budget, and level of energy on that particular day. Floating at various times can give you a better understanding though of what might work best for you and open your eyes to sides of floating that you might not be familiar with right off the bat. If you see yourself as a morning floater, try that 9pm float or vice-versa should the opposite apply! 

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