From the first time I lay under the Ajna Light I was hooked. Meditation was extremely new to me and now it was achievable. The joyfully confusing colours and patterns which came alongside the calmness which flowed through me while I lay there was something I knew I needed more of, even if I didn’t quite understand what was happening. I felt like an explorer of old, a new world within my grasps, eagerness to emerge myself in it further still was coursing through me.

My introduction to the light came under the Schuman program, the default introductory setting created by Guy Harriman, the creator of the light. The perfect blend of all six frequencies (from Delta at the deep meditation end of the spectrum to Lambda at the upper, super active brain end), this had given me a taste of what could be but I was still hungry. For my next venture I decided longer would be better. After all I knew it was something I enjoyed so I didn’t want to divert from it after the first outing. Instead I just upped the ante, from 15 to 30 minutes. 

Rather than simply prolonging the experience moving from 15 to 30 minutes amplified it. Allowing me to journey deeper into a state of total bliss. The colours were no longer dancing in front of me but engulfing me. I was not reaching out and touching the meditation but it was flowing through me. I was able to go further, see more – the boyish enthusiasm with which I started subsided for a focus and clarity of sorts. While I went in thinking I knew what to expect, I felt my mind blown again, just as it was the first time.

It was this experience which prompted me to research a little further into the light, why did I feel so relaxed, or calm, or have clarity of thought, or able to turn off all thoughts and focus on nothing? And why was it that this seemed to naturally cycle throughout the experience? I was always a willing passenger, accepting what was being given to me rather than wishing for something else, however, I was able to notice slight differences throughout and this intrigued me greatly. So I went to google and looked up the user manual.

I was already aware that there were six frequency bands existing on a spectrum ranging from 1Hz to 300Hz, and I knew that starting from the bottom these were Delta, Theta, Beta, Alpha, Gamma and Lambda. But this was just mathsy jargon to me. I had no idea what they did and how they differed. Here is what I found:

Starting from the bottom of the spectrum Delta offers the deepest of the meditations produced by the light. Delta waves are usually only present when one is in the deepest levels of sleep however the Ajna Light is able to cause the production of these while one is conscious, producing a feeling of total tranquility, allowing you to be conscious of your lack of consciousness. This produces a feeling of peace, one has no stresses as the brain is in total unwind mode. On top of this when Delta waves are present the body produces and releases anti aging and human growth hormones, meaning that there is recovery and restoration to accompany the relaxation of mind.

Next up is Theta, with slightly more brain activity than Delta but still usually existing when one is unconscious. This is the type of brainwave which is present when one is dreaming, producing extremely creative thoughts. While all of the frequency bands produce colours and patterns it is Theta which does this most vividly. One is still able to totally relax when experiencing Theta but it is a slightly more active form of relaxation, producing bliss and awe. While I still need to delve deeper into the individual frequencies the possibilities of Theta excite me, blending visuals, relaxation and creativity.

Alpha is the first of the frequency bands which isn’t usually exclusive to the unconscious mind, bridging the gap between being awake and asleep. It is here that we build our perception of what is real and what is false, forming world views and understanding of our environments. Where Theta is dream-like creation, Alpha is creation of our waking states. It is meant to be a wavelength which promotes learning and information retention as it is fundamental in our formation of what we believe is true and false. Additionally, for those who have irrational stresses and anxieties, thinking these through under Alpha may be an excellent way of beginning the reformation of not only the way we perceive the world but how we perceive ourselves. 

The fourth band on the spectrum is for Beta brain waves which are generally present when one is in a conscious, sober, state. So Beta is akin to our baseline. If one thinks about what the human brain requires generally from an evolutionary standpoint it is that which promotes communication and performance when responding to the environment around us. It is this ability which has enabled us to dominate the world for many thousands of years. Meditating with a heightened amount of Beta waves enhances both of these things. One is able to focus on the task at hand harder, for longer, do so at a higher standard, and share results and strategies with others with greater efficiency and success. Think of it as an enhanced normal. I am still me, to all intents and purposes, but my brain is channeling this at a slightly higher level. 

Gamma is similar to Beta in the sense that performance is boosted but it produces this by maximizing cognitive power rather than streamlining the standard cognitive process. Gamma creates a super alert brain state, putting it in overdrive of sorts, this is able to produce a temporary high performance state of memory, idea formation and general output. Of course our brain is used to working at a specific level of output so one can only be in a Gamma state for so long before experiencing fatigue, however for events where you desire a little boost this is perfect – like a nitrous boost for your brain! 

Finally, there is Lambda, the state of highest frequency and so most the active brain state achievable under the Ajna Light. This is the state of meditation that is hardest to achieve and requires the most focus. Though obviously there are points where Lambda is exhibited before such extreme measures, think of the monk who set himself on fire in protest to the Vietnam war. Only the most powerful of meditation could permit such an action – it is focus like this Lambda draws out. While the visuals at this end of the spectrum are minimal if one is practiced enough the most introspection can be achieved. Insight into ones’ own person and creatively solving problems concerning the world around you are magnified here. 

The Schuman program opened my eyes to what the light could achieve and from this my research showed that though connected each frequency band may be used and experienced differently. To continue my exploration into this strange new world I am going to focus on each wavelength for a week, immersing myself in it as much as possible. Recording what I see, feel and testing out the claims made surrounding how it can be used. Tracking sleep, keeping a diary on how I feel throughout the six-week series and performing basic memory and creative thinking tasks will hopefully add some sort of empirical evidence to the supposed capabilities of the frequencies as just laid out. Exploring the Frequencies in such a way is something I’m thoroughly looking forward to, I’ll see you on the other side!

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