book float

we have 3 for 2 introductory deals on float sessions. please note these 3 sessions cannot be shared. to select this offer, new customers can select the relevant dates, hit search and choose a float session from the booking calendar below. the intro 3 for 2 offer will then appear as a pricing option having selected the date and time for the float. 


multipacks can be shared with friends and family. single treatments and multipacks are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. discount codes can only be used on single treatments. it is currently only possible to book in one float session at a time using the calendar below (but you can book in right after). if you do not currently have an active float on your account you will be prompted with the pricing options. alternatively you can purchase a multipack option below, and then book it in at a later date.


to redeem a gift card you have received please visit our mindbody site, official app for iOS and Android or email us to book in your treatments using the gift card voucher code.


we also offer longer float sessions and extended overnight floats. please email us for more details.


please get in touch if you are interested in memberships 🙂