all four treatments are purchased and booked separately. we have two float pods, two infrared saunas, two massage chairs and one ajna light. you can combine treatments in one visit (e.g. massage, then sauna, then float then light). the booking calendars allow you to view availability for each of our four treatments separately and book in sessions using sessions active on your account. the easiest way to check your active treatments and their expiry dates is via our official app for iOS and Android.


for example, if you want to book in two ajna light sessions and two float sessions all on the same day, you can add a 2 pack light to your cart from the book light page and a 2 pack float from the book float page. you can check out and then the treatments will be on your account ready to use. you can book in each treatment appointment individually using the relevant booking calendar.

to redeem a gift card you have received please visit our mindbody site, official app for iOS and Android or email us to book in your treatments using the gift card voucher code.

60 minute


time for you. float effortlessly in the nothingness, liberated from gravity.


30 minute

infrared sauna

space for you. sit back, be mindful & detox.


15 minute


get to know you. what will you see?


15 minute

chair massage

neighbourhood wellness. instant relief from the challenges & stresses of daily life.



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