whether you are new to meditation or have been practising for some time, the ajna light is a powerful tool designed for you to take your meditation to new unexplored levels. a completely individual and immersive experience, the ajna light activates the pineal gland, allowing you to see vivid colours and kaleidoscopic patterns. use for a one off experience or regularly as a tool to reset and find your balance.

users of the light have enjoyed benefits including: clarity of mind and emotions, reduction in anxiety and stress, a better sense of connection with a larger reality, increased creativity and an improvement in quality of sleep. take advantage of this unique experience and truly discover you.

we offer the pyra light to be used alongside the ajna light. the pyra light pad creates a healing superpulsed magnetic field and infrared light at delta 2Hz, schumann 8Hz, and gamma 40Hz frequencies.

following your initial session, we can work with you to develop your fully tailored programme.

get to know you. what will you see?

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who can use the ajna light?

we want everyone to be able to use the ajna light at yue float, but there a few restrictions in terms of hygiene, health and safety. it is your responsibility to notify yue float of all medical conditions and medications.

benefits of the ajna light

those who have experienced the ajna light have described the following benefits:

  • clarity of mind and emotions
  • reduce state of anxiety and stress
  • intuition development
  • better sense of connection with a larger reality
  • creativity
  • quality sleep has increased
  • out of body & astral projection experiences

tips before my light session?

  • avoid large or heavy meals beforehand, but try and eat something, as your stomach may prevent you from fully relaxing.
  • you are not permitted to use the light whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • avoid alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or any other drugs or stimulants in the lead up to your light session. these may
    interfere with your ability to relax

tips for my light session?

  • keep your eyes closed while the ajna light is pulsing
  • don’t force anything
  • try different meditation, breathing and counting techniques to fully relax and enjoy the journey
  • remain calm and enjoy the serene sounds accompanying the light

what is the pyra light?

the pyra light pad creates a healing superpulsed magnetic field and infra red light at delta 2Hz, schumann 8Hz, and gamma 40Hz frequencies. the six 3W 850nm LEDs penetrate about 6cm into the body. the superpulsing of light and magnetics make them ten times or more stronger to the body while keeping the infrared heat comfortable. these pulsed fields allow stressed areas of body to start to self heal. placing a glass of water on the pad for five minutes or longer structures the water, and you can feel the greater softness of the structured water compared with the original water. the pyra light pad therefore structures the water deep inside your body. cells can only absorb structured water through the channel proteins of the cell membrane. the pad also interferes with, and therefore reduces, radio frequency EMFs from phones and WiFi in your environment. the pad can be safely used as long as you wish, you can leave it running all the time to clear the EMFs in your environment. generally the easiest way to use the pad is to place it, LEDs pointing up, under your pillow overnight. your body will guide you how long to run it, which is as long as you feel comfortable. you can also place the pad wherever you like on your body, LEDs pointing down. this is very helpful for sore area or places where you feel pain. it is not recommended that you sit or lie on the pad, in order to protect the pad itself. the pyra light pad was developed by guy harriman in early 2017, and the technology has been in evaluation since februray 2017. the pyra light pad works individually with each person, so experiment for yourself. sometimes it can take a week or two for an old pattern held in the body to start to shift, especially if it is buried deep in the unconscious mind. so be patient and observe the signals from your body when you use the pyra light pad.

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i have sensitive eyes, can i use the ajna light?

yes, but let the staff at yue float know. we can set the intensity at as very low level, and then if it feels comfortable, adjust for future sessions.

if i use the light with low intensity, will it still be effective?

yes, people have experienced their thoughts floating away in meditation and having visions whilst using the light on the lowest level of light intensity.

will the light cause me to have epilepsy?

you cannot use the ajna light if you have epilepsy or are prone to seizures or if there is a history of epilepsy in your family. please contact us if you have any concerns.

are there side effects?

the great advantage of using the ajna light is that it does not change the brain chemistry so there are no side effects. the brainwaves quickly return to their normal state after the session, although the deeply spiritual experience may remain with you.

what do i need to bring?

nothing, just you.

can children use the ajna light?

please get in touch if you would like your child to use the ajna light.

i’m pregnant, can i use the ajna light?

yes. pregnant women who have used the light have said they experienced a deeper connection with their baby and felt very relaxed. the baby seems to like the experience as well.

i’m big or tall, can i use the ajna light?

most people should be able to use the ajna light. please note that if you are over 1.9m (6 feet 3 inches) tall, then your legs may extend beyond the mattress, reducing your comfort ever so slightly.

i have a physical disability, can i use the ajna light?

it depends. it may be fine. any concerns ask your doctor. if they give the go ahead then get in touch and we will do everything we can to facilitate your light session.

i’m claustrophobic, can i use the ajna light?

the sessions take place in a relatively spacious room that is well lit.

i have a pacemaker, can i use the ajna light?

please check with your doctor but, there is no electrical stimulation of the body by the light.

is it safe?

uva exposure from daylight is 100 times more than from the lights used in the ajna light. in addition, your time of exposure during an ajna light experience is very limited in comparison to computer use.

as your eyes are closed, and typical intensity setting is generally low, the total radiation of light from the ajna light is very low. unlike when looking at a computer screen, there is no meaningful amount of blue light reaching the retina when you use the ajna light as your eyes are closed throughout the session.

in normal use, the numbers show the likelihood of skin damage from using the ajna light is non existent. you are in control throughout the experience and can always stop the experience at any time.

will the light damage or hurt my eyes?

keep your eyes closed at all times during your session, however if you did open your eyes by mistake during your session, usually you would automatically close them, due to the brightness of the 5 led lights. as your eyes are closed throughout the session, unlike when looking at a computer screen, there should be no meaningful amount of blue light reaching the retina.

does the music on the light have any effect on the light session?

no, the music is there just for relaxation purposes, but often seems to synchronise with the lights.

will i be able to continue my day as normal afterwards?

yes, but please allow a bit of time after your session to relax so you don’t have to rush. we recommend spending at least 15 minutes in our lounge after using the light to fully come out of your session before going back out into the world. have some tea, reflect on your session and enjoy the tranquillity.

how long to use the ajna light?

we recommend a short initial introductory session of around 15 minutes for those who have not used the light before. following this we will work with you to develop your own fully tailored programme, often involving longer sessions.

how often to use the ajna light?

the ajna light works each time you use it, regardless of how often. the more you use it, the more experiences you allow yourself to open up to. you may book only one session per day. however if you are experiencing internal change from your sessions, then take time out to let those changes happen fully before using the light again.

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get to know you. what will you see?